July 3rd – 7th

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Netarts Bay, OR area – For some time we have talked about how we want to travel. We did a rather long trip 4 years ago when we took a 2 1/2 months and generally were in campgrounds 1-3 nights per stop.We were in total tourist mode as being in each place only a short time so we felt that everyday had to be filled with adventures. Was it fun? Of course, it was amazing but exhausting also.

Move ahead to now with full timing we know that isn’t how we want to travel or see the country. We don’t have a full schedule in fact some days are just down days(relaxing) or maintenance days. And yes there are adventures small and large mixed in.

Lizzie has became the social butterfly of our trip. A lot of people end up knowing her by name and not uncommon to hear “there’s Lizzie” as we go on our many daily walks around the park. I had to smile yesterday as a couple that have three small dachshund’s that bark up a storm when we stroll by told them to quiet down and to be more like Lizzie. Yes, she makes us proud most of the time.

Jenn taking Lizzie on one of her many daily walks.

She has her daily places that she always likes to check out. One being her favorite rock by the bay that we have to go over and stand/sit on to see what is going on in the bay whether it is the seals or sea lions laying on the sand bars during lower tides, the boats of people either fishing or pulling up crab pots, or the people digging clams. Sometimes it’s just to sit and watch the birds fly by.

Wednesday the 3rd we made our way back to Jacobsen Salt as they were out of their steak seasoning that we love so much on our last visit. We bought a few jars so it should last a while for us. On the way back to the RV I pulled over at a small parking area to check out the sign board and get a picture of the arch rocks.

Sitka Sedge Trail

We decided to go and take a hike for the Fourth of July. We chose the Sitka Sedge Loop Hike as the description oregonhikers.org sounded interesting. It was about a half hour away so that made it convenient. It was close to a 4 mile loop that only had an elevation gain of 80 feet. It was about 2/3 hard pack and 1/3 soft sand in areas on the trail.

At the parking lot it was nice as there was a bike station for the coastal bikers to do minor repairs and air for their tires.

Pit toilets and nice picnic area rounded out the parking area.

The trail starts with a half mile ADA accessible Beltz Dike Trail.

After that we moved onto a more traditional trail and into the forest. There were two loops that connect to make one large loop. We started with the Estuary View Loop and finished with the Kinnikinnick Woods Loop.

Trail head

Overall a very pleasant hike and good exercise for the three of us. Lizzie even got to see some chipmunks and a snake along the way.


We weren’t sure what it be like here at Netarts Bay with Lizzie during the fireworks. The loud booms started in the early evening and on our walks she barely acknowledged the noise. As the evening got later we kept her in most of the evening but took her out for her last walk about 9:30pm. There was a full blown aerial show going on at the end of the bay. She just sat down and watched as the curious girl that she is. The only thing that seemed to concern her was a small Beagle pup that was terrified and whimpering. It was if she was worried for it, as we were also. The owner should have taken it home and not had it out where it was so terrified. We only stayed for 10-15 minutes but what an amazing display of fireworks.

Farmers Market and Pizza

Saturday we needed coffee and groceries so we headed into Tillamook which is seven miles inland. We went to Five Rivers Coffee Roasters to get package of coffee and a couple of different cups to taste and see what we liked. We enjoyed it very much. It was a very busy place as it is located right across the highway from Tillamook Cheese.

Next we headed back into town and to the Tillamook Farmers Market. It was a nice combination of produce, bakeries, and crafts. The produce was a little lighter than I expected but the berries at different booths looked delicious.

Next we decided that we wanted to try a local pizza place. We found Fat Dog Pizza. It was a NY style thin crust and I was skeptical at first but by the time we had it for lunch and dinner I told Jenn I would eat it again as I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Women’s World Cup

We started the morning by going into Tillamook to a restaurant/bar called The Rendezvous. Jenn had called around to see who would be showing the soccer game as it started at 8:00am and our internet has been unreliable here and didn’t want to miss it. We had breakfast there and sat and watched the game with about 50 other patrons in their different rooms. What a great game. We won 2-0 over The Netherlands. We are very proud of our team as they all played so well.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet as I read a book most of the day and Jenn worked on AIU or just other things on her computer. We enjoyed a campfire after dinner as I made a pork and rice stir fry with veggies for dinner.

We will be getting ready today so we can head back to Springfield for a busy couple of days starting tomorrow.


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