Oceanside with Friends

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Jennifer with friends on the beach in Oceanside.

Oeanside, OR – This past weekend we had friends drive down from Washington to camp with us. It was Lindsay, Sean, and their son Weston. And of course their three fur babies also. They pulled in late on Friday evening as it was getting dark after a long drive from their home near Tacoma, WA. After helping them setup and unload what we could without being in the way or interrupting Sean’s setup procedures we bid them goodnight and figured that we would make a day of it on Saturday.

Weston getting to play with his bubble machine.

On Saturday we wanted to go into Tillamook and visit their farmers market to get some berries for Jenn to make smoothies and shakes with as she can’t eat much in the way of solid food due to her orthodontics that she has right now to help with her TMJ. We picked up a half flat with blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Lindsay also had given us some blueberries from their garden at home which was awesome, yumm. I was also able to get a jar of Ghost Chili Salt for our friend back home as Jacobsen had a booth there. Seeing some wonderful crafts and tasting some goodies that the vendors had made for a fun time for all.

A little too hot for me

The building we parked next to in Tillamook had a cute painting on the outer wall. It was of doughnuts tied up like balloons. Who doesn’t like doughnuts? A local was going by and told us that the building that it was on was the Tillamook Police Dept. . That gave us all a chuckle at the time.

Whimsical sign on the side of the police station.

After this stop it was time to head for a beach. I had looked up and found the beach at Oceanside would work out great for us. We found a good parking spot and made it down to the ocean. What made this so special was that it was the first time that Weston has gotten to be at the ocean. To see the excitement in his eyes and smile on his face made for a wonderful experience that we got to share with this family of friends.

When we drove in and out of Oceanside there is a house for sale that has a beautiful view of the coast line. We all imagined how wonderful it would be to own it. I had thought that is what a million dollar view is. I was a bit off as the price I later looked up was $1.6 million. Just a bit out of budget we all laughed.

House for sale in Oceanside.

Jenn and I waked up and down the beach on this beautiful sunny afternoon. It was a little breezy, just enough to cool us from the sun but not so much as to blow the sand around. Sean, Lindsay, and Weston played in the ocean, drew in the sand, and played with beach toys the rest of the day there. While walking to the North end of the beach I saw what looked like a doorway cut into the rock face of the cliff along the beach. It was! It was the opening of a tunnel bore through the rock that led to yet more beach that would’ve been blocked by the surf. What a fun find it turn out to be. If I hadn’t been curious of the rectangular hole cut into the rock we would have never found it.

Later that evening we all sat around the campfire for 3-4 hours exchanging stories. What a wonderful and rewarding day. Thank you Sean and Lindsay for coming down and sharing this special time with us. I am sure that we will be up your way in the future and will have great times again.


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