About Us

Love is better the second time around!

We met on Match.com back in 2006 and it didn’t take long for us to know we’d found a best friend. Both of us have 3 children from our first marriages, 3 boys and 3 girls. Jenn likes to say we’re the Brady Bunch without Alice. We’re also fortunate to have wonderful grandchildren.

Lizzie, our travel loving fur baby, keeps us laughing with her adorable expressions. She loves all the new smells and keeps us active with her need for frequent adventures. Rick claims she’s spoiled rotten!

For the past several years we’ve been following other RV bloggers anxiously awaiting the time when we’d be ready to go. When our youngest decided he was done with high school and graduated with a GED a year early to start college we made plans. Soon after we were lucky to find our dream RV and drove to Michigan to pick it up. A year later May 1, 2019 we moved into our RV full time.

We love finding the special places in each area we visit. Our mode of travel is leisurely and we’ll be staying in most of our campsites for a week or more so we can immerse ourselves in the area and discover those hidden gems that might be missed if you’re going to fast to see them.