Jacobsen Salt Co.

Posted by Rick:

Just 3 miles down the road from our camping spot in Netarts Bay, OR you’ll find Jacobsen Salt.

🦓 This place would make all my adrenal insufficient friends salivate. This due to the fact, that in addition to the inability to make cortisol, many with adrenal insufficiency also lack aldosterone, which manages all the electrolytes in the body. When aldosterone is low the body looses sodium and retains potassium. A craving for salt is one of the symptoms many in our group have. Some doctors even prescribe it! Learn more about adrenal insufficiency. Now I’m not in any way saying that if you crave salt you’re aldosterone deficient you may just like salt. 🦓

So back to the salt. We love their steak seasoning and were just about out so made the quick trip over to get some. This place is tucked away right off the road so watch for the signs so you don’t miss it. It’s not a huge complex which is pretty amazing when you see all the different salts they are producing. Sadly they were out of steak seasoning but I couldn’t leave empty handed and their Guittard Chocolate Salt was too hard to resist.

Of course this meant I had to buy some vanilla bean ice cream to try it on. No problem, I’ll make that sacrifice. LOL. Last night we tried the salt on you bake chocolate cookies and were not disappointed. Rick had bought vanilla bean salt so we tried cookies with each. I liked them both, but for me the chocolate salt won. Hopefully I’m not the only one who goes to the store for one thing, but comes home with something totally different.

Due to safety Jacobsen doesn’t give tours. However, Brad Leone with Bon Appétit did a segment on it and the video is quite fun to watch. The link will take you to Jacobsen Salt’s website so you can try some of these yummy salts as well. shop/watch Let us know which flavors you’ve tried 😋

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