Beaver Creek

Posted by Jenn

Located just North of Seal Rock Oregon we found this little gem of a trail. Turning inland at Ona Beach State park it’s a short drive to the info center where we got a map of the trails. While Ona Beach was packed, we had this place all to ourselves. Although two other cars were parked at the trailhead we never saw anyone else. Learn more and see a map.

The Beaver Creek hike is a 2 mile loop with several detours one may choose to take. The woman at the welcome center said many of those trails hadn’t opened up yet so we just stayed to the loop. The entrance to this is through a private property with a gate (an easement has been given to Brian Booth State Park). Once you go through the gate you’ll walk about a quarter mile to the trail head. Then you must choose the right or left path. We chose the left.

Starting on the left side of the loop you’ll find a wide path that easily accommodates 2 adults and one dog walking side by side. Most of this is in the shade. Beaver Creek was beautiful with water that looked so blue! About midway through was a meadow with grasses so high it was hard to make out the single file trail. Here our trusty canine Lizzie took over and easily navigated us through to the other side.

Once we made it through the meadow the trail started to go uphill and became a bit more challenging. I think we need to get into better shape! I would love to take this hike again and try some of the detour trails.

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