A Whole Year

Posted by Rick:

Hard to believe that it has been a whole year since we have written. Six months of it was spent in two separate campgrounds. Three months spent during the winter at Deerwood RV Park that was close to most of our children. The second three month stay was in Robbins Nest RV Park in Bandon, Oregon on the coast.

One of our sites at Robbins Nest RV Park

We have stories that have been running thru our minds that we can share of various places we stayed so those are coming. We have either stayed in the Willamette Valley or on the Oregon Coast this past year. Up till March we were tied to the Springfield area due to Jenn having braces on her teeth to correct her TMJ. They needed to adjust them every 4-6 weeks while they were on and she was able to get them off mid March.

Lizzie just before her third birthday.

Lizzie has been doing great as she turned three years old this July 17th. She certainly enjoys all of the places we go as there is always new smells and adventures around every corner. She is still slender but has filled out well as she is hitting the adult age and no longer a teenager but you would never know it with the energy that she is always able to find.

We have learned new things about the full time life and our coach as know this was the correct decision to make. We have met many new friends along the way. There are so many wonderful people either live the life or are just out for a weekend.

Gill’s Landing Campground

We will start to post from the past year trying to stay in chronological order but I am sure before we get caught up there will be some new posts mixed in. We are currently in a city park and campground in Lebanon, OR until the 22nd and after that we will be heading back over to the coast to Tillamook to stay a month at the Elks Campground till Sept. 22nd. After that who knows where we will go. I know we both would rather not spend another winter in the rain and cold but we will see how the Covid-19 virus is doing. Not so sure that it will be any better by then but we can hope.

Calendar of the last year

Aug. 12-26 Champoeg State Park, Newberg

Aug. 26- Sept. 9 Armitage Campground, Eugene

Sept 9-18 Pacific Pines RV Park, Florence

Sept 18-Oct 2 Mill Casino RV Park, North Bend

Oct 2-12 AirBnb in Portland (coach in shop)

Oct 12-25 Armitage Campground, Eugene

Oct 25-28 Deerwood RV Park, Eugene

Oct 28-Nov 1 Winslow House

Nov 1- Feb 1 Deerwood RV Park, Eugene

Feb 1- Feb 7 Winslow House

Feb 7-8 Three Rivers Casino Boondocking, Florence

Feb 8-14 Harbor Vista Campground, Florence

Feb 14-17 Elks Campground, Florence

Feb 17-Mar 2 Armitage Campground, Eugene

March 2- 4 Winslow House

March 4-16 Deerwood RV Park, Eugene

March 16-17 Three Rivers Casino Boondocking, Florence

March 17-June 17 Robbins Nest RV Park, Bandon

June 17-21 Elks Campground, Florence

June 21-24 Armitage Campground, Eugene

June 24- July 1 Champoeg State Park, Newberg

July 1-8 Lewis and Clark RV Park, Astoria

July 8-19 Elks Campground, Tillamook

July 19-20 Armitage Campground, Eugene

July 20-23 Quality Coach (repairs), Eugene

July 23-30 Deerwood RV Park, Eugene

July 30-Aug 22 Gills Landing RV Park, Lebanon

Aug 22-Sept 22 Elks Campground, Tillamook


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