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Netarts, Cannon Beach & Astoria OR – Well mom and dad have really dropped the ball so I’ve taken it upon myself to write these reviews. 

In July we came up the Oregon coast from Seal Rock for 4 fun weeks at the Netarts Garden Bay RV Resort. Mom and dad thought avoiding driving through Tillamook would be best and we ended up on a curvy road. It was not my favorite road, but we made it. After that the challenge was parking. The spot we had was tight! Later we found out that it was a 40’ site, but our RV is 45’. Lucky for us everyone across from us was home and nice enough to move their trucks so we could make the sharp turn into our spot. Once we got there it was actually a great spot! In fact we’ll be in the same spot next July. 

My favorite feature of this park was the Bay. Many people come here to fish, clam and crab so there’s always fun to watch.  Everyday I would go sit on my favorite rock and watch the herons as they caught fish. Sunsets here are amazing! When the tide was low I could see and hear the seals on the sandbar. There were always lots of boaters, and clammers to watch too. In fact the RV park had boats campers can rent and some crabbing supplies too. There’s also a little cafe at the park. 

Mom and dad loved that Jacobson Salt was just 3 miles away and went twice. I didn’t like it much though because they left me in the car 🙁   Another great thing about this park is that we met so many friends. That’s one thing I like about staying in one place for a couple weeks or more. 

This park has 3 different areas. We stayed at the upper part of the campground which was very calm. Even when it was windy on the bay we could keep our awnings out so I didn’t get to hot sitting in the sun. The lower part is separated by a creek with a walking bridge. One side is only big enough for camper vans or small trailers, the other side has much larger spaces. The last part of the park are the bay-view sites. We met someone who’s been coming to the park for 25 years and has the same spot. These sites get so windy that they have a spot to tie down your RV! 

You can make reservations here one year out so if you have a big rig like us and want to come in the Summer I’d recommend you try to secure your spot ahead of time. Be prepared to put your parking skills to the test. Not all the campsites have fire pits so if you want one at your site be sure to ask when you call to book. Internet here worked better in the early mornings and at night. 

Our next park was in Cannon Beach RV Resort. There’s a really nice walking path from the campground all the way into town. We were only there for a couple days, but I got to go play on the beach both days. I like chase the waves and bark at them. Dad says there are sea monsters so I’m sure when I bark they stay away. 

At the Sleepy Monk coffee house I waited outside with mom. I noticed a whole lot of new dog friends that looked alike. Mom told me they were Corgis. Apparently there was going to be a big Corgi party on the beach the next day. For dinner that night we went to an odd restaurant that had tools and hardware in it. We sat outside and there were 2 other dogs I got to play with while mom and dad ate. Their fish smelled so good, but they didn’t share any with me! It must have been because they said it’s one of the best fish and chips meals they’ve ever had, I still think they should have given me a taste. At least I got a french fry even though it was dropped it was still yummy. 

This park was nice, they let campers boondock in their parking lot for less money. We used the hook up sites though. There’s also an indoor pool and hot tub and later at night only grown ups can use it. Mom and dad thought that was a great idea, but didn’t have time to try it out. There is a big store and game room at this park too. Some of the RV sites were not very level, we were lucky that ours wasn’t too bad, but we did have to use some extra leveling blocks. This park is a good one so you can walk into Cannon Beach and not worry about where to park.

Fort Stevens State Park was next. I think this park may be my favorite one so far. Whenever we would walk around the park, I saw chipmunks, squirrels, deer, and some huge things they call Elk. I thought they left very interesting and tasty treats on the ground, but mom and dad seemed to be upset whenever I’d try to eat one. They did let me go to a little tiny house everyday and see some nice people in brown vests. They were camp-hosts and had a big a jar of treats. When I would sit and look at them they’d give me a treat…sometimes even 2 or 3 treats. They’d say it was because I was a big girl, dad says it’s because I’m spoiled rotten. I’m not sure what that means, but I think I like it. 

We had a lot more room for our RV at this park, we were in a drive through spot and I could peek under the RV to see who was walking by without them seeing me. Mom and dad liked the spot because it was private. I liked it because we sat outside a lot and I love to be outside. 

There were a lot of little humans at this park riding their bikes and scooters. Some of them loved to pet me and would say hi to me as they rode by. Some times they’d let me lick their faces, I liked licking the messy faces best, they had yummy stuff on them. Ft. Stevens is a state park so there are lots of free activities here. There is a Jr. Ranger program and nightly programs for everyone. One was about those Sea Monsters that dad is scared of. Good thing they let me come into the outdoor auditorium so I could make him feel safe. 

During the day there are some programs to learn about the history of Ft. Stevens. One by the shipwreck and others at the military base, but we didn’t go to those this time. The three of us just liked sitting outside and relaxing. You can also rent bikes for $10 a day. If you want an electric bike there is a company that rents them near the big lake there must be a place to rent kayaks too because we saw a lot of them on the lake. Speaking of the lake, there’s a really nice 2 mile trail around it. 

There are so many trails here. I love smelling the flowers; don’t tell, but I’m really looking for bees! Dad took me on one hike that was so long he got all his 10,000 steps done and asked mom to come pick us up so we could ride home in the car.  I’m not sure what the big deal is, but mom and dad seem to think it’s a contest between them as to who gets their steps done first. I bet I get twice as many steps as them! 

While we were here we had some friends come stay for a few days. Mom said some of them were zebras! 🦓  I’m not sure what a zebra is, but they were very fun humans to play with. One of them brought a dog I remembered from last year and we played together a little. There were also new dogs and people to meet. Our campsite was a lot more busy for a few nights and I got to meet some new dogs. I even got some hamburger! 

There’s a town nearby called Astoria, mom and dad have friends who live there. One is Kirsten, who made a group of zebras with mom.  🦓  (you can read about it here). We went over for dinner and I got to see their dog Violet again. She wasn’t as shy as she was at the campground and is great at sharing. She let me drink her water and play in her yard, then while mom and dad were eating chicken I got to chew on some of her beef bones. I hope we get to go to Violet’s house again next time. Mom and dad also recommend a visit to the ice cream shop.

One thing to remember about Ft. Stevens is that everyone loves it! If you want to come here you can make reservations 9 months ahead of time to get the best spots. If you want to get a cabin or yurt you need to do that ahead of time and hope you get lucky enough to find one. Did I say their cabins even have bathrooms and outdoor grills! Internet here was Ok because of mom and dad’s wi-fi ranger and hot spots. 

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